13:48 By Vishnu Chandrasenan

(Please note: Following is a mixture of the same account from different points in time, written in parallel)

It was the smell of blood; I felt it. My right eyebrow bled profusely. I opened my eyes to see the wreckage of my car. Oh God! I managed to escape.

It was a wonderful morning. I loved driving. My best friend and I were today going on our first cross country drive. We were elated!

My body had almost collapsed. I managed to lift my broken rib. I saw my friend; I am shocked! His mortal corpse lay in a pool of blood.

We were cruising along the highway. 160 kmph have me unmatched thrills. My friend was singing along the tunes of his favourite song.

I coughed blood. I can't bear its foul smell. My mind drifted into unconsciousness. God! Help me.

I pressed on the gas even further. We decelerated into a blind curve. Suddenly a blue car came out of nowhere. I screamed; my reaction was a fraction late. I heard a deafening crash of metals. My face became pale and traumatized. I was alive. I looked at my friend. He was too shocked to speak; but he was fine. I calmed my racing pulse. God! You had saved me.

My mind flickered. I woke up panting. Oh wait; was it a dream?

I woke up within an intensive care unit.  Yes it was a dream. I had lost my dear friend. My body pained. But wait; how did he escape alive in my dream? I am confused; what prompted a dream wherein my dear friend escaped alive.  But in my conscious reality, how is he no more?

I recovered from the trauma. I believe from that day that PARALLEL UNIVERSES do exist. Two simultaneous probabilities of an event occur, albeit in different universes. My psychiatrist says that my dream, in which I saw my friend escape, might have been a case where I transmigrated into a different possible scenario of the accident, in a different possible universe. I now believe he was true.

I now understand a frightening possibility of different scenarios of our lives, our beings, in different possible universes. Just as my body recovered from the stress trauma of the accident, I asked into eternity; is my dear friend still together with me in that Parallel Universe?


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