I bring the second part of my series titled Beauty of Aviation. I invested some of my free time to collect some amazing photos from aviation enthusiast website Again, I have tried to provide my personal little comment on the pictures to keep you occupied. The result is as follows. 

Ilyushin Il-87 Aimak (Il-80/Il-86VKP) aircraft picture
Military planes perform a fly through in Russia. Really beautiful scene with the peculiar Russian architecture right below. Interesting to note the contrasting style of architecture: the old and the new. 

Boeing 747-4... aircraft picture

A Swiss Boeing 747 lands in heavy crosswinds. Such type of landings occur when wind blows laterally with respect to the runway. This requires extreme precision approach from the pilot. Nevertheless, a magnificent take! 

Boeing 737-73S aircraft picture

Beautiful scene indeed. Pilots enjoy a heavy right bank as the captain on the left, controls the throttle . Who says going to office is boring?

Boeing 747-206BM(SF/SUD) aircraft picture

Heavy condensation of air, leaving a trail behind. Normally this is observed in excess of 30,000 feet altitude. Notice the dense layer of clouds at lower altitude.

Dangerous approach! Notice how the heavy flaps behind the wings had made the plane even more bulkier, thereby helping it stable quickly after the bank. 

Boeing 757-222 aircraft picture

Two planes flying together like a dad and a child walking along a roadside. This happens when two planes simultaneously arrive to land on two parallel runways. An interesting thing to note is how the heavier 747 is keeping pitch up configuration where as the lighter one is more relaxed owing to its quicker correction ability.

Boeing 747-446 aircraft picture
Serene beauty....................
Retracting landing gears immediately after take off from the concrete turf.

Boeing 767-341/ER aircraft picture

Enjoying the landscape of Britain...........Captain of a Boeing 737 Virgin Airways.

Boeing 767-2B7/ER aircraft picture

Called afterburners, it happens when engine overheats, not dangerous though. Look out of the window next time to see them if u r lucky.

Boeing 767-3Y0/ER aircraft picture

Fluid Mechanics at work. A loop of air by the trailing emissions from the engine. Beautiful indeed.......

Airbus A380-841 aircraft picture

King of the air. Majestic bird Airbus A380 of the Emirates fleet.

Airbus A300B4-608ST Super Transporter aircraft picture
The Airbus Beluga cargo plane, specifically made for airlifting heavy bulk cargo. Interestingly, it was voted one of the most ugly looking planes in an aviation poll.

Airbus A319-112 aircraft picture
Again, landing on parallel runways. It seems to be close but is a thousand feet away. Passengers would indeed have been terrified.

And that brings us to the end of this series. Never forget to drop in your feedback, comments and opinions below.   

Remember during all your adversities in life, an aircraft takes off against the wind; not with the wind, still managing to defeat it and soar effortlessly into the infinite limits of the cloud studded sky. 

-Vishnu Chandrasenan