22:11 By Vishnu Chandrasenan

Oh great men of this planet!
Why do you behave like this?
Where you cannot see that innocent little smile,
On the face of a small abandoned girl on your streets.

Oh great men of this planet!
Why do you behave like this?
Where you do not know the pain of a person,
When he struggles to earn for a day’s little food,
Not for him but for his daughter to have,
So that her quaint little legs can gather strength.

Oh great men of this planet!
Why do you behave like this?
Where you run after money, fame and honour;
While our poor little kids can’t go to school.
And experience that joy to learn a rhyme together.

Oh great men of this planet!
Why do you hurt those people?
The people who are not as fortunate as you,
By your words and deeds and action.
Why don’t you believe, that they too have a heart.
They too want the love of humanity.
They too can feel that pain.

Oh great men of this planet!
Please drop your quest for money.
For what use is that money,
When we spend our days like machines.
With machine hearts and machine minds.
Why do you fall into this vicious cycle?
You are human, it is okay to cry.
It is okay to love, it is okay to smile, it is okay for some tears to flow.
But oh great men, you live a cruel life.
You live for everybody’s misery.
You learn to defeat others by competition.
You learn to be happy when others fail.
You learn to smile when others cry.
Why do you behave like this, great men?

For what use is that knowledge you gain?
From a pile of the books that you've made.
When you do not know how to treat a person,
With respect and love for his uniqueness.

In this small life of yours, great men,
Why don’t you make a difference to others.
A difference, that can give knowledge to a weak little girl.
A difference, where you give your food to a starving old man.
A difference, that can give wings to the dreams of little unfortunate children.
A difference, where you enjoy the laughter of your people.
A difference, where you cry for their sorrows.
A difference, where you can cry with happiness on seeing a sunset.
A difference, where your knowledge is used for inspiration.
A difference, where You alone, can change a generation.

-Vishnu Chandrasenan


  1. very nice vishnu sir

  2. Extremely superb brother.You made us realize that we too can change the Generation.Good Job.Keep Blogging.

  3. truly touching and inspiring.
    a job well done!
    still then you keep a small blot in this white ocean..
    could have have to include various ways by which we and the government are trying to help the poor but its being clouded by the selfish motives of few people
    except that,its one of your best,can really feel your feelings behind it

  4. Well written Vishnu !
    You have viewed this world from the lowest plane !!
    It is indeed true that if we care, we can make this world a better place to live in !!!
    Keep writing !!!

    Vishnu, please see 14th line from below............
    and remove 1st 'is' from that sentence !

    1. Thank you Arun. We can induce a significant change, and our thoughts must propel it.
      And Thank you again Arun for pointing out the typing mistake. It has been corrected.

  5. A man who loves humanity .who treat humanity can create difference ...and that's u

    1. Thank you so much Vivek sir. You are a great person and your comment is very special.

  6. Ua depiction of today's condition is very good..let's spread humanity..nice Blog!

  7. Brother VishnuSir,
    I have great admiration for you! If only people of this world can see through your eyes... World will be a better place, indeed!
    Please keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much Vrushank for your motivation.

  8. nice one in this competitive world we must do some efforts on the very large scale for humanity to survive

  9. This says everything I've been holding in

    1. Thank you for reading and your inspiration...

  10. Humanity realy need great man

  11. Hey Vishnu, quite a somber but touching poem

  12. Was really touching!!!!! As usual good work Vishnu...appreciated!!

    1. Thank you Hema for visiting and reading. Do keep coming back.

  13. Lucid yet deeply thought provoking.... and bitterly true... self centrism has to go hand in hand with a sense of social duty... only then can society flourish.... and the great disparity that exists among the masses in terms of health and wealth can be narrowed... if not done away with totally.

    Greatly said Vishnu in the most simple and understandable words... beauty intermingling with sorrow that touches a chord deep inside.

    Keep up the good work.... expecting more such insightful writings for you.

    Parvathy Sabapathy

    1. Thank you so much Madam. Yours is always a very special comment for me.
      Thank you for your time and the highly cherished feedback.

  14. Just awesome, loved the imagery, great work...

  15. very nice .keep blogging
    i'll like to read your more blogs

  16. Extremely superb very nice and a touching poem

  17. it was a heart touching poem ..... keep writing such awesome poems


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