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Aviation has always enthused me to surreal levels of existence. It is amazing to see how man progressed to fly from a 12 second session in 1903 by Wright brothers to now point to point anywhere on the planet! In this series titled BEAUTY OF AVIATION, I present some of my favourite photos that I collected from aviation enthusiast website I have tried to present a brief comment on each photo. Here we go...............
Airbus A380-841 aircraft picture
Three planes cleared to land on the same runway at Kingsford Airport, Sydney, Australia. It is quite an amazing sight at busy airports when a pilot follows the front aircraft to land, not to forget to keep safe distances from the front aircraft, apart from the routine busy work that leads to a landing. Amazing??

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31BM aircraft picture
Mid air refueling making an aircraft tactically double its range. This is one of the most sophisticated processes in aeronautics. Slightest of errors can cause mid-air fuel leak and uncontrollable damages or even destruction.

- aircraft picture
This photo of Sydney Airport, Australia is taken at a height of 35000 ft by a passenger travelling from New Zealand to Singapore. You can spot the terminal and some flights at the lower right corner. Amazing pic really......

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft picture
Boeing 787 Dreamliner......the new addition to the long haul fleet by the of my favourite. The pic is taken at Poland, where its on a tour. One can see the burst of hot air ejections from the engine while take off, the temperature of which is around 1200 deg celsius.

Airbus A330-202 aircraft picture
Seriously low over while approaching into Los Angeles, USA. Deflections in the left aileron and elevator can be noticed in the right side of the aircraft. 

Boeing 747-4F6 aircraft picture
Pilot maneuvering too low during Toronto Air Show. Notice the left ailerons on the wings which is bent upwards, showing that the pilot is trying to escape out of this situation immediately. 

Boeing 747-2B4BM(SF) aircraft picture
Cessna being followed by a Boeing 747.................................... Elephant following an ant :-)

Rockwell Space Shuttle aircraft picture
Atlantis soars for its final mission into space. Notice the tremendous exhaust. The spacecraft reaches an escape velocity of 40320 km/hr or in order to understand better, it can be approximated to around 11.2km per second!!! 

Airbus A321-211 aircraft picture
Runway lights and cockpit panel lights make for a beautiful combination prior to take off...........

Airbus A300B4-203 aircraft picture
Good office to work at, isn't it?

Gentle touchdown at DXB(Dubai Intl) the backdrop of sunrise................

Rockwell Space Shuttle aircraft picture
Endeavour poised to soar the day after, on the launchpad. A nervous time for engineers and crew alike.

Boeing 747-406M aircraft picture
Another touchdown...............

Boeing 777-206/ER aircraft picture
One more, this time a slight crosswind one.....

Airbus A380-861 aircraft picture
A380 climbing at Paris Air Show. Majestic!!! 

Boeing 747SP-86 aircraft picture
Great to see the room from which the whole flight is controlled along with a few hundred lives.....
Captain and co-pilot on the front seats.......flight engineer and navigation and radio controller on the back row..........
Great example of team spirit at work........

Boeing 777-206/ER aircraft picture
Condensation-clouds, fogged-in engines and wingtip vortexes, lighted runway below..... what else do we need ?

Boeing 747-406 aircraft picture
Mind your Princess Juliana Airport in the Caribbean......

Boeing 747-428F/SCD aircraft picture
Jet Airways and Cargolux cross each other with both trailing condensed air behind them. Minimum vertical separation of just 1000 feet.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29S (9-13S) aircraft picture
Photo taken a split second after a military collision at an Air base........Note the cockpit as it breaks... 

Rockwell Space Shuttle aircraft picture
The best pic................a mission surveillance aircraft catches space shuttle endeavor blast off to space. It is hard to imagine that 6 people are seated in that shuttle even as it breaks the sound barrier and approaches escape velocity. Sun, horizon, nature, aviation, technology all in one shot!!!!

My salute to all the fantastic photographers. Don't forget to comment your opinions. I value your reply the most.

-Vishnu Chandrasenan


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